About us

Our Farm Shop & Butchery is located within the grounds of our working family farm at Thorncote Green, near Sandy, Bedfordshire. The shop is easily accessible via the front entrance of the farm with additional parking around the back.

The main livestock on here is poultry which we farm in a traditonal style where they are free to roam the meadows and pastures. As a precaution from preditors, we house our poultry for their own protection at night. Our poultry is grown to maturity, then slaughtered on site in the most humane manner possible. The birds are dry plucked and finished by hand and then hung to improve flavour and texture, finally they are prepared by hand for cooking.

We also produce around 250 lambs each spring. We hold a lambing day in March/April where we invite the public to come and hopefully see the lambs being born, or see the newborns feeding and playing together.

Our Free range pigs are Gloucester Old Spots crossed with Large Whites. We have around 20 breeding sows, and regular litters of piglets, which can often be seen going under the fences and free ranging around the meadows!

Our beef cattle are housed in the winter and live out in the meadows through the summer. The red meat is slaughtered weekly at our local abatoir and brought back to the farm to be butchered by our Master Butcher for our customers.

We produce Free Range Turkeys, Ducks and Geese for Christmas which are extremely popular nationwide, for Christmas we always recommend pre-ordering for ease of collection and to avoid disapointment. As well as the Farm Shop, collections can be organised for all Farmers Markets or they can be Couriered to you by a Nationwide 24 hour Courier.

The Farm Shop has free on-site parking, and there is also a Florist, Gin Distillery, Fitness Studio, Dog Groomer and The Dairy Cafe at the farm site.

Our Farm Shop and The Dairy Cafe are open 7 days a week