Quality Free Range Grass Fed Beef Rib

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Quality Free Range Grass Fed Beef Rib.  For Christmas, we take orders per rib, which is approx 1.5kg per rib. 

1 rib will usually feed approx 4 people.

Franklins Greensand Ridge Beef is slow grown, and hung for 21-35 days in our Dry Ageing Cabinet, the meat is tender and tasty. 

The ultimate Sunday roast for a group of lucky friends, or a great alternative to a Christmas turkey. Rib of beef makes a wonderfully tender Sunday roast.  It has plenty of fat marbled through the flesh that adds flavour and keeps the meat tender during cooking.

As a rough estimate:1 Rib = Approx 1.6kg, 2 Ribs = Approx 2.6kg, 3 Ribs = Approx 3.2kg, 4 Ribs = Approx 4.5kg

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