Franklins Farm Free Range Whole Chicken

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Franklins Farm Free Range Whole Chicken

Our Free Range Chickens have no food-miles, having been produced here on the Farm, and also slaughtered, dry-plucked and prepared by our butchers, so they are fully traceable.  Our customers tell us the taste has depth and flavour, due in part to their maturity, and that they are hung and dry-plucked, rather than wet-plucked where water is added.

We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 1.9kg to 3.5kg. Our chickens roam freely on 5 acres of grassland and mature slowly to ensure a fantastic flavour. They are slaughtered humanely at Franklins Farm and dry-plucked and hand-finished.  Their flavour and freshness can be assured.

We can provide any chicken portions you require;

thighs, wings, drumsticks, breast and liver.

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