Franklins Farm Butchers, Bedfordshire


“Striving to create connections between Customer and Farmer”

Our Farm Shop is on our working family farm at Thorncote Green, near Sandy, Bedfordshire. You can visit the shop and see our livestock grazing in the surrounding fields.

We produce free-range poultry which we grow in the traditional way. Our poultry are free to roam the meadows and pastures on our farm in Thorncote Green during the day, and housed at night on beds of home-grown straw. They are fed on cereals and crops grown on our farm.

About Franklins Butchers SG19


We produce top-quality free-range poultry, meat and game for Christmas. We humanely slaughter the poultry in our farm abattoir, the other meat is taken locally to be processed, then all the meat is butchered by our Master Butchers here at Franklins Farm.

We have an extensive range from traditional free-range Geese and Turkeys, Ducks and Capons, to our own Beef, which is hung for a minimum 21 days to ensure flavour and tenderness, our quality grass-fed lamb and Gloucester Old Spot X Pork. Any joints can be accommodated by our skilled on-site butchers and experienced team. We make our speciality 3 or 4-Bird Roast here from our free-range goose stuffed with pheasant and chicken breasts and stuffed with gluten-free stuffing. We can also Crown Turkeys, make Turkey Breast Roasts, and cater for as many requests as possible!

The Farm Shop is open every day until 24th December at 1pm.  You can  come and purchase sausages, bacon, pigs in blankets, hams, gammons, beef, lamb and pork as usual from the shop, but we cannot maintain a paper trail for the last week, so we will not be taking any orders after 10th December.  Many thanks for your understanding!

There are no more Courier Deliveries available for Christmas 2023, all slots are full now.  Collection from the Farm Shop is still available until Christmas Eve 1pm.  

Please note that any 2022 Christmas Orders which were not collected last Christmas were frozen by us in our freezers until Easter.  If there was no collection or contact by Easter, the produce has been removed due to the costs and requirements of storage.